Preceding the invention of the image disc by around 50 years, the television was later to become the means by which to view data carried by such a format.

Central to the function of the television lies a large cathode ray tube.
As in a fluorescent tube, the Cathode ray tube of a television also houses phosphors in the form of a thin layer on the front of its inner surface. As a vacuum tube system, the cathode Ray tube of a television is not at all unlike the composition of other vacuum tubes. It houses a high temperature anode which gives off electrodes into the vacuum of the tube. This tight, high-speed beam of electrons flies through the tube and a focusing device, hitting the layer of phosphor, which glows when struck by the beam, thus giving a picture.
Existing in many varieties the company had developed and marketed lines of widescreen televisions, which were later to come under scrutiny.


Not so long ago a man took 15 people hostage in the tallest building of the capital city of the companies mother country, a city not far from here. It seemed as though the man was trying to make a particular point. All involved with the incident had found the man to have been psychologically quite unbalanced.
The building had been the headquarters of the company before it moved to another building nearby. Local television reports indicated the man may have chosen the wrong building.Before shooting himself in the head, the media had received a statement from the man in which he said he was resisting "manipulation by sellers of widescreen television sets" who were guilty of "creative nonsense."