1st Proposal

In Shanghai it is practice in some public parks to scream out aloud as a form of therapy. Frustration resulting from whatever source is then offered back into the environment from which it is born, in turn giving the city a kind of feedback mechanism of its effect on the individual and collective, - a very literal and explicit demonstration. I imagine this is a purely spontaneous practice, probably having come about through one person having made regular recitals over several weeks hence giving birth to a subculture of sorts.
Just as a spur reaction I would like to create a forum for public screaming in Istanbul. There are many potential contradictions in such an action, ie: the staging of cultural phenomena in order to seed trend. It is also an assumption of mine (having never been there) that Istanbul is in a state of frustration, as are most large cities, in need of such therapy! Nevertheless the ‘forum’ could result in just one person coming along to vent. In this sense the potential success or failure of such an event in terms of numbers is a chemistry secondary to gesture.
Given acceptance to this project I must also mention that the idea is likely to drastically change and is subject to further research and trial.
In terms of an infrastructure for such a project I imagine it may have to be conducted through megaphones at first and perhaps acoustically at a later stage. The main means of disseminating the existence of such practice could be through local media such as newspaper and perhaps even radio. The costs of setting this up would be the purchase of media space as well as operation costs involved in maintaining a central area or training centre for practice. A translator for several stages of the project would also be necessary