2nd project idea: Pose as an Austrian tourist bass player, with love of an essential Turkish culture which he seems to drastically misunderstand. The idea is to move around the city with a bass guitar and amplifier, asking shop owners for temporary use of their electricity to busk to the street. I will recite various variations of famous traditional Turkish songs, pieces which are based on a different system of tuning, meaning the songs will be a remote translation. The effect is that of bad cover versions. This should outline a xenophile characteristic in the Austrian, a young man with enthusiasm but stupid love of the ‘other’ resulting in an ugly product.
The piece will document events during the busking sessions and be accompanied by an album of the songs to be shown/ played in the gallery. (A potential cover is enclosed as an attachment.) The cover shows use of imagery from Malian slave music from Morocco called Ganawa.
Co-incedently I also have a friend who is writing on the tuning of Turkish instruments in comparison to the western twelve tone system, this could be an accompaniment to the lecture series for which I will also be presenting a paper on a history of money in sound and music.
I am leaning more towards the second idea as it will allow me to have more interaction with people and will be a piece designed specifically for the context.

Speak soon, all the best james